You’re Leading SEO Consultants In Melbourne, Australia

At Agency 101 we’re a team of professional and experienced SEO consultants who’ve had years of experience in the digital marketing industry. We love what we do and we’re proud to provide our client’s with a service that can help them reach their SEO goals long term.

We don’t just provide a one size fits all service. We do so much more than that. What we do is sit down with you and work out what your goals are, what you’re trying to achieve long term, and give you SEO solutions that would work with your situation to get the best results.

We don’t believe in providing ongoing services if you don’t require it like other consulting agencies. Instead we can work with you and your budget to provide a once off consulting service or an ongoing service for any long term ongoing projects you may be implementing.

Why We’re Different

At Agency 101 we’re proud to be different from other SEO consulting firms. How are we different you ask? We’re different because we stop and listen to you and your needs. What we do is analyse your current business, website and current online marketing plan, and from here we determine what we believe will help you achieve and generate the results you’re looking for, for the money you spend.

We don’t just throw SEO strategies at you. We make sure any SEO strategy we suggest is ideal for your current situation. We’re results orientated, not money focused. We believe in going beyond our client’s expectations. If you’re not happy we’re not. This is what makes us different.    

Why Choose Us?

What You Get Using Our SEO Consulting Services

At Agency 101 we believe in being upfront with our clients and transparent in order to deliver the best services for your needs. When using our services you can expect to receive:

Our Benefits To You

What You Can Gain From Us

Our Commitment To You

Agency 101 is here to help you with your SEO consulting needs. We’re committed to helping you grow and achieve the results you’re looking for, for the money you’re spending. We believe in transparency and will work with you every step of the way, listening to your needs, goals, and expectations to help design an SEO strategy that we believe will help you gain more traction with your SEO campaign long term.

We want to work with you to help you achieve your SEO goals.

Give your competition something to compete against.

Agency 101

You’re leading SEO consultants in Melbourne, Australia.


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Reliable Operations

We specialise in

Here at Agency 101, we understand the importance of time, resources, and completing orders on time.
That’s why we offer independent and reliable operations, each time. We do all the work so you don’t have to, this allows
you to focus on your business more while we handle the link building for you.

values of honesty

Our Core Values

Our team at Agency 101 operate under the core values of honesty, integrity, and growth through connecting
with our clients. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we make sure our content is tailored to your needs. Our direction allows us to grow as
you grow, and we hinge our success on the success of our clients and the placements we provide to you.

First Philosophy

We believe that our clients come first and we want to make sure you feel like you’re our top priority. This is why we provide you with a project manager, and also listen to your concerns or questions.

To Changes

We know blogger outreach guidelines change from time to time. We make sure we adapt to the changes so our clients don’t get penalised along the way. This is why we’re one of the best blogger outreach companies out there.

Working with
Your Placement

If we feel something isn’t working with your placement or if we can’t meet your needs, we’ll be honest with you straight up. We don’t believe in offering somet=hing that we can’t deliver.

Discovery Session

“The Discovery Session helps you discover your business goals and what you need to do for better target marketing. During an SEO consultation session, you will gain access to expert knowledge and experience to help you determine your goals, the steps needed to reach those goals and the best ways to implement these new changes to gain the conversions and profits you’re after.”